A race from a forgotten place, the elves migrated to Edda to escape a long forgotten menace. The elven people who live on what is now called Varis called themselves the Ilthar until their society split. These elven refugees lived in the continent-spanning jungle they called Nataevan and have a very close, intense connection to nature which have led scholars from most races to conclude that they are closely linked with the fey.

In the thousands of years they inhabited Nataevan (long before the arrival of humankind) the elves coexisted with the giants in peace. For thousands of years the two races lived side by side in peace and harmony and their civilizations blended to a large extent. After these eons of cooperation the two peoples were torn apart by a rift of anger and war broke out, devastating both sides and continued unrelenting until finally Nataevan was just too large and the distance between the two sides too wide to justify continued warfare. The giants retreated to the north of the jungle continent, building grand cities at the top of mountain peaks. The Ilthar lived beneath the vast jungle canopy in harmony with nature.

The reason for the conflict has been lost to time.

As time went by the continent became cooler and Nataevan receded and Nataevan changed and broke apart. The Ilthar lived in the temperate remnants of their beloved jungle until the arrival of the first human settlers.

The elves, unable to agree on a course of action against the destructive humans, split into two camps and eventually two distinct cultures. The Ilthar remained in their temperate forest home and counseled and tutored human pupils in an effort to teach them the connection to nature most elves felt naturally while their brothers, sisters, and cousins left. These Ilthar renamed themselves and reclaimed the last remnants of Nataevan in far south of the continent, naming their territory Daelas and themselves the Daemar.

The Daemar waged war with the unorganized and unprepared humans and quickly decimated their defenses with powerful magic and superior forces. The Ilthar saw Daemar aggression as a terrible act of genocide and using what little leverage they had (the threat of joining with the humans against the Daemar) forced the Daemar to agree to peace though the Daemar forced the beleaguered humans to agree to a extremely one-sided treaty.

The Ilthar and Daemar have remained separated ever since.

Recent Events


270 A.S.

  • The human nation of Arran founds a small outpost deep within the forbidden Vashar and sent small parties of explorers into the edge of Daelas. The reason why has never been discovered but the explorers were discovered by the Daemar who had long maintained their military might to defend against (inevitable, in Daemar opinion) human aggression. The Daemar began preparing for the final eradication of the human race.
  • On the eve of the Winter Solstice Algamond the Burning raided the palace of Amareth Nailo, one of the last descendants of the ancient royal line. Algamond succeeded in kidnapping Amareth, Queen of the Daemar, thanks to demonic help. Enraged by this further atrocity all the military might of the Daemar swept out of their jungle and decimated the nomadic plains dwellers while moving north into the southern border of Cumbria. After only a few months of combat the Daemar crushed the Cumbrian army and conquered the Cumbrian capital of Aeronwen.

The fate of the human citizens of Daemar-conquered Cumbria is unknown as the Cataclysm put a stop to the Daemar armies as the continent broke apart.

Shortly after the cataclysm the Brimstone Heroes brought Amareth Nailo back to the Daemar who, in reluctant honor of the mostly-human Brimstone Heroes and the sacrifice of the young prince of the Ilthar Kanes Nailo, politely refrained from moving their forces north and hopping island to island and exterminating the rest of humanity.


  • The Ilthar have restarted their Embassies in several human lands. Perhaps the most successful of these is in Caedwyr where the Ilthar Envoy, Elesa Luiren, works diligently to teach the young prince of Caedwyr wisdom.


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