Jordan Ray'an

Master Illusionist


Jordan Ray’an is… well very interesting.

He comes from a long line of noble family in Brynn, who after a long time, they became somewhat poor. His mother, Arel Ann’ar, was quite the beauty and was taken the fancy of many men (and a gnome). Including an evil count Ormish Liam, who demanded her hand in marriage. Jordan’s father, a traveling apprentice fireworks maker, (and gnome) had himself enchanted to become a human for the night so that he may, well… get some action. She fell in love, knowing that she would never be able experience love, and he accidentally fell in love. The enchantment ended, revealing the gnome, but even through her sadness and his diminutive stature, the love held. Alas, it was never meant to be. She was taken “hostage”, nearly bought for a price so that her noble family could live a life of nobility once more. As for Jordan’s father, he was heartbroken and left the city of Brynn, never to be heard from again.

Jordan was born into an unloving household. He was cast out by his stepfather, even though his mother pleaded with the evil Ormish Liam, and he grew up on the streets. He became a rogue and was very good at it, until one day he was caught by a man named Barik Thompson and that man saw potential for a great wizard in those young eyes.

Jordan trained for years, and he had a strange affinity for illusion magic, so he became a specialist. He advanced as a mage, under the watchful eye of his master, and he became very good. His master, not only teaching ideas of magic and theorem, but also speaking out about the government and the way mages were treated. He also had many horrible things to say about daemar, but rather than putting an impression on Jordan, he was inspired to rise above racial hatred.

Jordan was killed during the final battle against Algamond the Burning. As he was reincarnated, he emerged as a gnome. The reason for this, nobody is sure, but perhaps it is a little hint from somebody up above.

A.C.(After Cataclysm):

Jordan, having been reincarnated as a gnome, chose in his return to the living to give up his rogue ways and focus purely on magic.

Jordan Ray'an

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