Varis Time Line

B.S. – Before Settling A.S. – After Settling

Time line

7,000 B.S. – The Elves immigrated to Varis to escape the constant warfare of the old lands. What they found was a continent-wide, tropical rain forest. They named the forest Nataevan.

5,500 B.S. – After 1,500 years as the dominant race on Varis, the elves began to notice subtle climate changes. The northern ranges of the rain forest were dying off and the rain forest was shrinking. Consulting with their sages it was determined the climate change was natural and unstoppable.

900 B.S. – The great forest Nataevan is now reduced to a fourth of its original size. The elves have moved south, away from the now-temperate climate of the north.

0 A.S. – Human sailors land along the coast of Umber Bay and establish camps and settlements. The Settling, as it is known, proceeds startlingly fast in the eyes of the worried elves. The humans name the continent Varis.

Around the same time of the human settling, dwarves and gnomes find their way to Varis from the Old World through the underground caverns known as the Underdark. They begin founding new citadels and bastions of power. Following closely behind the dwarves are their mortal enemies, the orcs and their goblin slaves.

10 A.S. – The humans have established themselves well in the lands around Umber Bay. They bring with them slaves, including a race of humanoids called Catfolk by humans. The elves are horrified at the idea of slavery and they realize that the humans could be a dire threat. Some of the elves believed the humans could be taught to respect nature’s bounty and others felt the most prudent course of action would be a pre-emptive strike.

The dwarven citadels of the Highlands, after years of war with the never-ending orc hordes pouring out of the Underdark fall one by one until the remaining dwarves and gnomes decide to seek drastic action and collapsed the Underdark passage to prevent more orc and goblin reinforcements from coming. The orcs broke off their assault of the remaining citadels.

25 A.S. – The two camps within Elven society are unable to come to terms and irrevocably split into two separate peoples. The Ilthar leave what remained of Nataevan and settled in a vast forest along the southern coast of Umber Bay. They began seeking human pupils to teach their wood lore to temper their destructive habits. The Daemar begin assaulting human settlements along the remnants of Nataevan, which they rename Daelas, and quickly drive human settlers north.

35 A.S. – After nine years of conflict the Ilthar finally intercede on humankind’s behalf. The Daelas had forced the human settlers to retreat slowly northward. In the first and last meeting of its kind the Ilthar broker peace between their Daemar brothers and their human charges. The Daemar vow not to attack the humans so long as they meet their requirements. The humans were told they must ban slavery and never again erect permanent settlements in the Vashar. The humans agree and the continent settles into a tense peace.

100 A.S. – The remaining human nations have recovered from the war and begin warring amongst themselves. The war with the Daemar shattered the early unity of the human settlers; many who fled to the Highlands embraced barbarism.

105 A.S. – The various lowland kingdoms are united under the rule of the Cumbrian Empire, forged into a single nation by Emperor Gael. The conquered nations tithe a large portion of their taxes to Cumbria. The captured nations begin to rot in submission to the Cumbrians. The Highlander raids on the Empire increase in frequency as dissenters against the crown move north into the Highlands to escape.

259 A.S. – After being mishandled by Emperor Gael’s descendants the Cumbrian Empire crumbles into three nations and several large anarchic regions. The last Emperor, the child-lord Valzis, is exiled after a successful coup attempt by Gregor McDanth. Valzis’s whereabouts remain unknown.

270 A.S. – Bretyn raided by increasing numbers of Barbarians and Svaltish raiders and Cumbria is plagued by a number of bandit lords, trade has been greatly harmed by the bandits. A man named Algamond the Burning leads a cult known as the Burning Hand on a quest to summon the Demon Asmodeus into the world.

Varis Time Line

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