Varian Calender and Time

The world of Edda has 12 months, most human cultures on Edda believe that time is circular. To people of temperate and northern Varis the year ends in October during the festival of Samhain. From Darkness and death springs life and light.

The Calender is based around the lunar cycles of Edda’s moon which is approximately a 28 day cycle. This 28-day cycle gives each year 336 days. Each month begins with the Full Moon and has a “Light” half and a “Dark” Half, 14 days or a fortnight for each. The first 15 days of the month are the “Dark” half as the full moon wanes. The last 14 days are the “Light” half as the moon waxes.

The Varian Calender comes from the Old World Calender, each month’s name has a meaning but most people are unaware of them as the language (the “Old Tongue”) is known almost solely by scholars in the modern age.

Yearly Festivals


  • Samonios | “Seed-Fall” | Oct / Nov
  • Dumannios | “The Darkest Depths” | Nov / Dec
  • Riuros | “Cold Time” | Dec / Jan
  • Anagantios | “Stay Home Time” | Jan / Feb
  • Ogronios | “Time of Ice” | Feb / Mar
  • Cutios | “Time of Wind” | Mar / Apr
  • Giamonios | “Shoots Show” | Apr / May
  • Simivisionios | “Time of Brightness” | May / Jun
  • Equos | “Horse Time” | Jun / Jul
  • Elembiuos | “Claim Time” | Jul / Aug
  • Edrinios | “Arbitration Time” | Aug / Sep
  • Cantios | “Song Time” | Sep / Oct

Varian Calender and Time

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