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In the years since the Brimstone Heroes stopped the Cult of Asmodeus the spirits of those who die unexpectedly or violently are unable to move on. Not many people know why this is so but those who do not move on often come back as ghosts or other undead terrors. Only those who are given proper funerary last rites are assured to enter the afterlife and as such religion has become increasingly important to the world.

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The human countries of Cumbria, Arran, and Bretyn (The Three Kingdoms) have fallen and only a series of small island kingdoms, city-states and isolated villages remain of human civilization.

Most of Arran drowned beneath the sea during the Cataclysm; the areas that remained were badly damaged by the remaining demons and, eventually, conquered by the Daemar. Where the city of Brynn was once built a maelstrom has risen from the depths: an eternal storm.

Cumbria lost its war with the Daemar and its people were forced to flee the remnants of their homeland after the Cataclysm. What became of the capital of Cumbria, Aeronwen, and the men and women who stayed behind is a mystery.

Since the cataclysm the human race has been wracked by plague, starvation and natural disasters and only a few areas have remained intact. In the new age travel between the islands is dangerous, only well-armed traders are successful and a huge portion of the continent-turned-archipelago is unexplored or too hostile to approach. Huge swaths of Varis are under Daemar or Orcish control.

The orcs sacked Bretyn and captured the capital and renamed it Garvelloch.

The orcish horde seems to have finally found a firm foothold in the Highlands, which have been separated, almost completely intact, from the rest of Varis. The orcs often raid nearby settlements.

Races of the Umber Sea Region:

Humans are the most populous race in the Umber Sea Region, even after the devastation of their nations in the Cataclysm. They often live in secluded villages with little contact with their neighbors.

Catfolk are second in population to the Humans and they are scattered throughout the islands and usually live side by side with their human neighbors. The catfolk nation of Darinsharr has the highest concentration of catfolk and is very isolated and very few non-catfolk know of its existence.

Scattered populations of dwarves and gnomes live in the region, mostly they live side-by-side with their human neighbors and are the remnants of groups of dwarves and gnomes who lived amongst humans before the cataclysm.

Half-orcs are extremely common in the northern ranges of the Umber Sea Region and most of them are young, born within the last 20 years, thanks to the conquest of Bretyn by the Orcs.

Half-elves in contrast are extremely rare because of the lack of interaction between humans and Ilthar. Half-Daemar are even rarer and are considered nothing but myth.

“Planetouched”, such as Aasimar and Tieflings, are extraordinarily rare, even more so than Half-elves, and are considered to have been blessed (or cursed) by spirits before their birth.

Umber Sea Region Player Info

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