Religions of Varis

In the new age of Varis religion is extremely important and a multitude of religions flourish around the archipelago.


Many people worship a single deity, they see their deity as either the only God or the strongest/best/etc. They do not often recognize the equality of other religions. Some people, clerics in particular, devote themselves to a deity but most do not disregard the religions of others though they always still view their own deity as the best.

Pantheistic Worship

Most people in the world, humans in particular, worship a slew of Deities depending on the deity’s focus. However most also have a favorite or “chief” deity to whom they pay most homage and worship. It would not be surprising, however, for a sailor who worships Procan to give a prayer to Pelor when faced with undead.


A few rare cultures (mostly primitive and/or attuned to nature, the Ilthar and Daemar are a good example of the latter) are animists – communing with nature and the spirits that make up everything in it. Animists believe that everything, even the smallest stone, has a spirit and that though each spirit varies in power all should be respected. They recognize the existence of deities but consider them nothing more than extremely powerful spirits and do not devote themselves to the worship of Gods, instead focusing on nature itself.

No matter what they are, all the religions of Varis have developed rituals that are performed for the dead to prevent them from rising as undead creatures.

A list of Gods and Goddesses:

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Please note that deities are ranked not by Divine Power but by the number of worshippers they have, Neutral and Good Deities tend to have more worshipers than distinctly evil ones (such as Nerull) but the amount of power a god has in this campaign is purely abstract.

Religions of Varis

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