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Varis: The Broken Land is the name of a campaign focusing on the continent of Varis that is set in the homebrew world of Edda.

It is designed to move away from the average “open world” where all races except those who are stereotypically evil get along. Whether it is the reclusive and xenophobic Daemar, the slave-races, or one of the myriad of human cultures struggling to survive it is a world in which fantasy cliches are at once embraced and disregarded.

It is also unabashedly human-centric in order to try and renew the exotic nature of the non-human races.

That’s my goal, and the campaign is always evolving and becoming more defined as energy and inspiration allow.

What Shit Led to This

The Brimstone Heroes stopped the cult of Asmodeus from summoning their dread lord into the world but at a immense cost. By inserting the key into the obelisk the magical energy being channeled to Asmodeus was disrupted, backed up, and reversed – exploding along the ley lines of the world. Continents sank and entire civilizations crumbled from the disaster.

The continent Varis was ripped apart by the force of the energy released and the continent, once a solid chunk of land, is now an archipelago and hardest hit of all the regions of Varis were the Three Kingdoms that were built along the shores of the great Umber Bay. In less than a day Arran sank beneath the waves and northern Cumbria was ripped apart, separating the far north of the continent, the Highlands, from the southern reaches of the new archipelago by hundreds of miles. In the place of Umber Bay a new sea was formed, the Umber Sea.


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