Magic in Varis

Arcane Magic

Common people recognize arcane magic through stories told and from one of the last few bastions of magical learning left in the world: The Flying Citadel of Jordan Rayan who is the one true Archmage left. The Flying Citadel is a magical bastion for freedom and safety in the world and despite its dark and bloody history even the most mistrusting of magic feels slightly safer with the Citadel floating overhead.

In general, humans are predisposed to suspicion about magic and yet some are drawn to it. Most common folk distrust those they think are “arcane” magic users. Although, for common folk, what actually is a arcane magic user can be hard to determine.

Daemar see magic as a thing of beauty but deadly, like a venomous snake. Only those up to the responsibility should be allowed to wield it. These notions were forged in battle with their human enemies and they view themselves as the only beings responsible enough to wield magic safely.

Ilthar appreciate magic simply for being magical and they view those who use it as artists who long for self-expression through their art. They worry that humans will once more fail to use the gift properly; for it was a human who brought so much hurt to Varis.

Dwarves, though mistrusting of most things they cannot touch and feel, are pragmatic about magic. It is a tool that can make their lives easier and as such magic users are respected in their communities but are expected to do their share of work, even if that work is different than the average axe-wielding, mining dwarf.

Orcs see magic that does not inflict pain or wound foes as weak and worthless, few orcs can master arcane magic but those who do are highly respected though also highly feared by their tribes – but only if they can use their magic in battle.

Half-elves, Planetouched, Half-Orcs all mirror the beliefs of the cultures that raised them.


Once very common in the metropolises of Brynn and Aeronwen, Wizardry is now nearly extinct thanks to the Burning Hand of Asmodeus and the Cataclysm. The Great Library of Brynn, one of the centers of magical knowledge and learning, sank beneath the waves with the rest of Arran and its knowledge was lost to the sea. The other centers of magical learning; the Ravenwatch Tower, The Arcane Order, The Royal Academy of Magick, and many others were all destroyed in the months leading up to and following the cataclysm.


Strangely, sorcerers are more common than trained wizards in this age. For most, the talent for sorcery is inborn and emerges at puberty. Some however have no latent gift and unlock sorcery through study and hard work. The latter type of sorcerer are exceedingly uncommon.

To most people, a sorcerer is the same thing as a wizard (and vice versus): a probable danger.

Warlocks and Dragonfire Adepts

Perhaps even more feared than wizards and sorcerers are Warlocks, beings with powers gifted from demons who serve the Burning Hand even in the modern day. Many survivors of the cataclysm remember demonic warlocks sowing destruction and terror wherever they went.

Dragonfire Adepts are new to the world, pupils at the Temple of Jin. Few people are aware of the temple and fewer still know of their special powers until they see them in action. Reaction to a Dragonfire Adept is hard to say however most people are likely to be suspicious of the Adept’s power.

Magic in Varis

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