Highland Region Player Info

In comparison to the Umber Sea region, the damage taken from the Cataclysm in the Highlands was almost laughable.

The mountains didn’t crumble (most of them anyway) and very few parts of the Highlands sank beneath the waves. However the Highlands still changed because of the cataclysm.

  • The magic surging through the leylines gouged massive canyons through the earth, sometimes several miles deep and wide, making it nearly impossible for people to easily travel and large areas have become ‘effectively’ unreachable.
  • Because of the divided nature of the Highlands, human tribes have been splintered and the Dwarven Clanholds were separated and unable to unite as the canyons opened new paths into the Underdark, the great orc horde rose forth after their years trapped beneath the surface of the earth and many isolated dwarven and gnomish citadels were crushed by the orc hordes.

The Last Stand of Azduum

  • The largest of the clanholds, the massive citadel Azduum, has been under siege for many years now and the dwarves are being forced into isolation from the escalating wars and the hardships being forced onto their settlements. The dwarves face the danger of extinction in purely dwarven fashion: With courage and the tenacity of the earth itself.
  • Those Gnomish clans who lived apart from their dwarven cousins have been even worse affected. Their propensity to live simply and with more of a reliance on secrecy than defensible structures have left many gnomish settlements utterly destroyed – the Orcs seem able to discover their hidden enclaves and villages with unsettling ease. Thousands of gnomes have abandoned their homes and made the treacherous journey to Azduum to stand with their dwarven brethren against the monstrous tide washing across their beloved homeland.

Dangerous Terrain

  • The human tribes of the Highlands have been forced into a largely nomadic existence by increasing hostility of the region in order to keep just out of reach of their ever-increasing enemies. Many human tribes have been forced into the coldest regions of the Highlands and have either adapted or starved.

Highland Region Player Info

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