Campaign of the Month: November 2007

Varis: The Broken Land

Dwarf, Elf history

After a long pause I’ve gotten around to updating the World History a bit with a bit more info on dwarves and elves.

Much of it is vague to be clarified as more information on the subjects is discovered. (Adventuring and/or History Checks!)

Return to Caedwyr

Elembiuos 3-5

The group stays around Harborage just long enough to attend Sir Paddington’s funeral before moving on to Caedwyr to investigate the Theurgian Society in hopes that they can be of assistance.

The funeral is a solemn affair with Sir Paddington’s body being burned at sunset on a pyre in the pavilion in front of Sunguard Chapel. When the fire has burned low and no remains can be seen the young acolyte Solara Donoghue spoke of his deeds as a family man and a knight of the Order. The knight’s two children and widow remained stoic throughout the service.

Elembiuos 6-7

The next day they took off for Caedwyr, riding through the gloomy day until they reached the small town of Loughbridge where they stopped to rest at the Red Roan.

Alois got laid (though he doesn’t remember it) and they were charged extra money for all the ale they drank but they had no other troubles and they rode on and the second day of travel was just as gloomy as the first but as mid-day drew closer they reached the farmlands surrounding the city and saw a large tent city on the outskirts of the city and found the people of Steepleton and many refugees from Harborage were living in the tents. Nuras gathers his pupils from Steepleton and tells them he will begin training them again each morning.

Here the group split up and it was mostly solo for the rest of the game:


Cherin Nailo went to visit his friend Cecilie Edmead and check on Justar Kelling and his daughter, Amyra, who are staying with Cecilie so that Amyra can receive at least some training on controlling her inborn magic. He finds Cecilie and her neighbors preparing very yummy smelling food for the refugees outside town and talks to Justar who mentions that Cecilie is teaching his daughter to meditate but feels that Cecilie is not as pleased at having them in her house as she pretends.

Cecilie, speaking privately to Cherin, affirms Justar’s thoughts. She likes both Justar and Amyra but she worries that her baby will be in danger from the barely controlled magic Amyra has. She doesn’t know how to teach Amyra to use her magic and can only try and teach her self-control. She is going to ask Justar and his daughter to leave, maybe find them a place to stay elsewhere in the city, when her baby is born.

Cherin Nailo helps Cecilie and her neighbors deliver food to the refugee camp and enjoys seeing friendly faces from Steepleton.


Nuras Bloodclaw left for Stouthearth Hill and visited with his friend Breza Stouthearth and asked her about the cold iron kama he received from the doppelganger posing as a merchant that they killed in Steepleton. Breza seems surprised and says she was going to gift it to him but it was stolen. She invites Nuras to show her what he’s learned and they head to the top of the hill and to the Stoutshield Brigade’s training circle. There Nuras devastates Breza with a new maneuver that literally ignites the air around her and she flies backwards out of the ring utterly defeated (and burned).

The dwarves invite Nuras to come train with them in the evenings and Nuras readily accepts and also gets the dwarves to begin making him a mithral chain shirt and a second cold iron kama at cost.


Alois Taber returns to his family’s home and visits with his father, Bastion Taber who has been locked in his study. Alois coaxes his father to let him in and finds out his sister, Adelaide Taber has been seen around town with three different men this week alone. His father is furious and depressed and unable to eat.

Alois manages to cheer his father up by getting him out of the house and going for a walk with him. They visit his mother’s grave and Bastion invites him to bring the party to stay at Taber Manor.


Alleron Diruvad spends his day studying and preparing to copy a spell into his spellbook… which he fails to do unfortunately.

The group meets back at dusk and decides to stay with Alois Taber’s family where they have a rather awkward dinner with Alois’s father who is really trying TOO hard to seem happy.

Elembiuos 8

Cherin leaves early in the morning, after breakfast, to visit with Prince Rhys Williamson and the party is invited to come to a dinner that evening at 6.

Alois went horseback riding with his sister as her official “date” for the day with several suitors trying to win her attention.

Nuras trained his pupils at the refugee camp and practiced desert wind style with Zara.

Alleron again studied and prepared spells, copying new ones into his spell book.

When the evening arrived and they were all dressed up. Alois and Cherin went to go ask Adelaide Taber what they should wear but she was nowhere to be found.

The carriage ride to the castle was quick and the interior of the castle was opulent and overwhelming. Even more overwhelming was that it wasn’t a quiet dinner with the prince but a banquet in which they were guests of honor sitting at the High Table with King Jerrod Williamson, Prince Rhys Williamson and the King’s new fiance, Adelaide Taber.

After the dinner (which was both fun but uncomfortable as the group was NOT expecting such a huge dinner) there was a ball and the group split up. Alleron sulked along the wall while Nuras and Alois found dance partners but their poor dancing quickly drove their “friends” away. Cherin and Prince Rhys danced through the ballroom and Cherin surprised both the Prince and himself by finding rhythm and easily matching the prince’s steps.

After the ball the party returned to Taber Manor and retired for the evening. Then they were woken in the early hours of the morning by Adelaide’s screams and as they rushed to the balcony to look down on the entryway they see Adelaide struggling as three hideously twisted creatures scratch and pull at her billowing dress.

Cherin recognizes them as ghouls.

Acting quickly the party runs down the stairs, or in Nuras and Aloi’s case: jump from the balcony to the floor of the entrance hall. Within seconds the party has driven away Adelaide’s attackers and the last is slain on the front lawn. The group barely recognizes the ghouls as having once been hobgoblins.

The Order is called in and holy water poured over the bodies and the ichor is cleaned from the marble floor.

The group retires for the evening, Adelaide insists she is alright. But questions still need to be answered: why were the ghouls attacking Adelaide was it directed at her or them? What was the significance of the attack? Would the Theurgian Society be able to help them?

The Beginning of the End
Aka Undead, Swamps, and Home Again

This is a compilation of the last few games… not much time to go into detail.

The group meets with the Theurgian Society and discovers the meaning of the runes on that the map they uncovered in the battle with the hobgoblins.

The three runes are ancient infernal and each represent an idea: Death, Insanity, and Dragon. A lizardfolk sage living in the sewer of Caedwyr Town informs them that the Dezrak, undead shaman of the shattered lizardfolk tribes, guards the source the enchantment in the wood along with a vampiric ally: the lizardman Malsvir.

The group goes to the Order of Illumination with the information and is subsequently equipped with anti-vampire gear.

The visit with Eileen and find her unconscious with a nasty head wound, she has no idea who attacked her but the Divining Rod she was making has disappeared.

They kill off the ghouls plaguing Harborage (risen since their last encounter with the hobgoblins) and then head off into the swamp where they narrowly avoid being eaten by a giant snake before finding the large moss-covered mound where the Dezrak is supposed to lair.

Inside they find tunnel after tunnel half-filled with water and deep pools of water leading into other, deeper, areas beneath the swamp until they find the Dezrak’s laboratory.

Cherin blows it up and the burning Dezrak, a mummified corpse with bloated, dead eyes and a fleshless face, flees. They pursue him and get attacked by zombies in a pool of water, face off against animated statues in a room tiled with draconic runes and finally advance up the stairs to a vine-wrapped stone pavilion surrounded by cypress trees and deep, murky water.

It is there they find the Dezrak (Fun-fact: the Dezrak’s true name is Azkani and lizardfolk refer to him/it as Azkani-Dezrak or Azkani Blackheart.) who calls upon unholy forces to lash out at the party and as they approach him the vines grab hold of Alois and Nuras, dragging them and slowly squeezing the life out of them while the Dezrak combats Cherin and Alleron.

Alois manages to slip from the reach of the pale gray vines and calls upon Pelor to banish the evil undead creature but he only succeeds in causing it to draw back slightly.



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