Zara Blake


A rather plain woman in her mid 20s with brown hair and eyes and a strong, lean muscles honed by hard labor Zara is stronger than most women and has great endurance.

Zara was born and raised in Steepleton, her parents died of natural causes five years ago and she took over the family farm and even combined her land with the land of her beloved husband, Lawrence, when they were married the next year. She helped him in the fields and they were beginning to become profitable when the bandits attacked Steepleton.

Both she and her husband volunteered to be trained by Templar Zurach Demonsbane and later Nuras Bloodclaw.

Her husband was killed by the bandits attacking Steepleton and her profound grief has manifested as a simmering rage.

She greatly respects Nuras for his abilities and his tutelage.

Zara is loyal to those who have earned her loyalty and friendly to those who deserve friendliness and she is very stubborn. She is also absolutely fearless and wrathful in conflict.

Recent Developments

- Zara recently cut her hair short, she looks a lot better than she did with longer hair.

- Zara now owns a set of masterwork leather armor that is dyed blood red.

Zara Blake

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