Nuras Bloodclaw

Catfolk Sword sage


14 STR 20 DEX 14 CON 12 INT 16 WIS 13 CHA

38 Hp



My name is Nuras of the Bloodclaw clan. I have decided to write about some of my life and adventures that I’ve had up until now. As a warrior you never know when you will be struck down in battle and and as a person you want your story heard.

I was born and raised on the catfolk island of Darenshar. My father was a great warrior who always tried to help out. When I was but still a child Darenshar suffered a raid by a group of slavers hoping to restart the catfolk slave buisness we lost my father, he was captured while trying to protect my mother and me. My mother, Lisharae was devestated by the loss. My father was the only one captured and it brought back a lot of old fears and anger within the clans. My mother and some other bloodclaw warriors decided they were going to hunt down the slavers and hoefully bring my father back home. I begged her to take me with her, she told me I needed to learn the ways of the warrior. My last memory of her was her waving good bye while I ran down the dock after her. By the time I got the end her ship was already a good distance from the island. I was around 6 at the time. Her leaving had a huge impact on me. My uncle, the creator of the tigerclaw fighting style took me under his wing. I tried to best the best in everything and hurry up my training so that I could join my mother. Weeks turned into months turned into years. We never heard from my mother or the group that left with her. After a few years I faced the fact that they were never coming home. I haven’t cried since that night.

Another instance that had resounding impact was an incident that happened while myself and a group same age students were in our 2nd year of studies. In everything there will always be those who catch on quicker and those who need a bit of extra help. Leaving training one afternoon I saw some of the students picking on Keresh, one of the struggling students. He looked over at me and our eyes locked. His eyes pleaded me to save him from the harrassment. I thought it was nothing, just teasing and went on my way. The next morning it was discovered that Keresh had cut himself and wrote all the negative things I heard the other shouting at him while he bleed to death. I feel that in the next life I will be judged harshly for ignoring it and not helping like I should have. Ever since then I have tried to help and never turn a blind eye again.

Nuras Bloodclaw

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