King Jerrod Williamson

King of Caedwyr


King Jerrod is a middle-aged man with dark hair and a carefully trimmed beard. He wears fine clothing and carries a scabbarded longsword at his waist.

New trade and goods have come into Caedwyr recently, mostly thanks to his policy of Expanded Trade, and most residents are thankful for his benevolent rule.

In the time before Caedwyr had a king (only 15 years ago) King Williamson was a powerful and rich merchant. Unsatisfied with the rule of the Order of Illumination he campaigned to have them be removed from government and gathered a large following of supporters.

When the Order agreed to follow the people’s wishes and withdraw it was Jerrod Williamson who was made the new ruler of Caedwyr: the King.

King Jerrod’s wife, Teresa, died while giving birth to his son Prince Rhys Williamson.

King Jerrod Williamson

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