Justar Kelling


A widower who was born and raised in Steepleton, Justar was an average man raising a young daughter daughter and working in the town’s fields when the bandit’s random incursions first began.

When the famed Templar Zurach Demonsbane came to town to help them rally and fend off the strange bandits Justar volunteered to be trained for a town militia who would be able to protect the sleepy community.

But Zurach disappeared, or was captured, only a few weeks into the training regimen leaving a town militia barely able to defend itself.

But Justar and others persevered until the heroes arrived and he survived the toughest fighting the village had yet seen when a full force of 30 bandits struck the village. Nuras took him under his tutelage and added to the basics of martial combat that Zurach had given him.

He also survived (barely) the poisoned food that killed ten people in the town and it was then he decided to talk to Cherin about his little girl, Amyra, and her illness.

When Nuras was kidnapped and the village abandoned he chose to take Amyra to Caedwyr Town to seek help for her condition rather than go into the forest to rescue Nuras.

Justar Kelling

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