Founder of the Temple of Jin


Adult Gold Dragon


Despite her frightening size, Jinaxatraz (Jin to her human followers) is a kindly soul. Her draconic features are framed by two swept-back metallic looking horns and softened by dozens of golden whiskers, like those of a catfish, around her snout. Her liquid gold eyes are slanted and narrow, looking at once both wise and dangerous. She is covered in golden scales and sprinkled with multi-hued gemstones which seem to be embedded between her scales. Her wings, when extended, look like the wings of a kite, the wing membrane is attached along her back all the way to the tip of her tail.

Jin is very large, a little over 50 feet in length and stands twice as tall as a human at the shoulder. When flying her golden wings have a span of nearly 50 feet.

Jin spent years studying philosophy with the various races of Varis and beyond. After the Cataclysm she saw a need for a place of peace and certainty in a dangerous age and flew off from Ilthar to gather followers. She brought her followers to a volcanic island not far from a small island inhabited by refugees. Hidden thousands of feet in the air, along the treacherous slopes of the extinct volcano, she and her followers created The Temple. Jin gave the temple no name and her followers took it upon themselves to name it: The Temple of Her Draconic Majesty.

Jin, in her humility, discouraged the name, calling for simplicity she denied all titles. Her followers saw their mistake and now merely call it The Temple of Jin.

Jin believes that all life is interconnected and that only through mastery of yourself could you become at peace with the world and all its creatures. She spoke of her philosophy to her followers, encouraging them to focus and improve on all aspects of their being: body, mind, and soul.

In the year 18 A.C. Jin left her temple without a word to her followers, who are sure she had good reason and will eventually return. She has not been seen since.


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