Eileen Cassidy

Priest of the Earthmother


Eileen Cassidy is a middle-aged woman of medium build and stature with olive skin and rich brown hair. She usually wears simple green and brown clothing, pants or skirt, a linen shirt and a leather doublet.

Eileen is a very calm, pragmatic woman like the deity she venerates. She is kind and humble, putting others before her self and disdaining formal titles. To her flock she is simply “Eileen of the Earth”.

Eileen lives and works in the Glen of the Earthmother, just on the outskirts of Harborage, and she ministers to the needs of her flock and spends most of her days visiting farms near and far and ministering to the sick, both people and animals, and blessing the fields. At the beginning of each month at the height of the full moon she leads the faithful in communal prayers as well as a community potluck dinner.

Eileen Cassidy

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