Breza Stouthearth

Captain of the Stoutshield Brigade


Breza Stouthearth 150 years old and was born in the fertile caverns of Azduum. She is both a captain of the Stoutshield Brigade and a farmer. She and her clan live in what the people of Caedwyr Town call ‘the dwarf enclave’. But Breza and her people prefer to call it “Stouthearth Hill”. Regardless, her people live in small burrowed out homes inside a large hill just outside Caedwyr Town and terrace the rest of it for agriculture and industry.

Breza does not say much, saying more through action than word, and despite her relative skill in battle she still considers herself a neophyte of the blade.

Breza is honorable, though a bit gruff, and loyal to those who earn that loyalty.

Breza and the other Stouthearths are from a small rocky outcropping a weeks sailing from Caedwyr. They have built a highly defensible and comfortable home there. But Breza, like most of the Stouthearth Clan, still sees Azduum as their true home and most of their work is to prepare themselves for battle with the orc legions of Garvelloch who stand between them and beloved Azduum.

Breza Stouthearth

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