Bastion Taber


Alois’s father and the patriarch of the Taber family. Bastion was devastated when his wife (Alois’s mother) died when the children were still young. He has never been the same and is very prone to dark moods, depression, and uncontrollable sobbing.

He is a kind man, despite his moods, and supportive of his son and extremely happy that Alois has taken up with the Order of Illumination rather than the street gang he was working with as a youth.

He has let his daughter, Alois’s older sister Adelaide, take over the day-to-day running of the family furniture empire: “Taber Fine Furniture”.

He has been unhappy with Adelaide recently as he found out she has been seen on the town with several different men.

Bastion is tall, thin, with graying hair and brown eyes.

Bastion Taber

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