Balder Hasch

Young Warrior


Balder is the youngest son of a successful merchant named Urlon Hasch and his wife Hestia. With four older brothers Balder has always tried to find his own path in the world and he has been training for several years with combat forms and can finally say that he is better than his brothers in at least one thing: fighting.

Balder is a kind and optimistic person but he’s also got strong competitive streak.

Balder discovered Nuras during the Highsummer Festival when the young catfolk warrior was looking for a mentor to teach him more about combat. Balder was intrigued and followed Nuras and together they found the stout, hardy warrior Breza Stouthearth.

Balder remained behind in Caedwyr Town when the party left for Steepleton.

Balder Hasch

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