Alois Taber

A rogue, turned cleric, leading a path of light.


Alois Taber was raised in the house of a noble. His father, Bastion Taber, was one of the wealthiest and successful furniture makers of his time, having owned several factories for manufacturing. He was spoiled rotten and had the deepest affection from his mother. He also had a sister who is named Adelaide and she was the daddy’s girl. When they were young, the two siblings were very close.

About ten years after the Cataclysm, Alois’s mother died. Bastion’s heart was broken, Adelaide’s heart hardened and Alois didn’t know what to do. The boy took to the streets, having no supervision at home. His sister, cold and mechanical, started learning the way of business and soon came to run the furniture business. Alois became quite the respected theif and plunderer. He had joined the theives guild in Caedwyr Town and was starting to make his way up the ranks when he was caught. At the age of 13, he was thrown in jail and branded with a large T on his left hand and left to rot, if it were not for the mercy of Templar Evander who recognized the boy when he was checking up on the guards. He took the boy, brought him to his father and gave him two options: give the boy to Pelor or rot in jail awaiting execution. The grieving father, having lost enough, came to his senses and handed over Alois to the merciful Templar.

Alois took to the light like a fish to the water and it wasn’t long before he handed over several well named members of the thieves guild. Having put this behind him, he focused on his training as a cleric. He thought he would follow this path all his life till Templar Evander told him about the life of a Shadowbane Stalker. Alois believed that Pelor wanted him to take that path. Armed with his faith, Alois pushed forward and came out on top of his class. Having succeeded so well in training, Alois was given an award and some footing on the ladder.

Alois is often tempted to use his rogue-like skills for good, but in an obtrusive way. He believes in the balance of classes (economic) and he has been known to want to lift gems from the nobles of the town to benefit the lower class, but refrains from doing so. Unlike the Order, he sees magic as a tool to use, more as a black and white issue than a “Pelor bless me and save me from the corrupting magic powers” issue. He has been warned about the company he keeps, but he does not let anyone know he thinks this way. While he is lawful, he has been known to want to do chaotic things. The longer he is in the field and out of churches, the larger these feelings will be. While he loves Pelor for the second chance he has been given, he is still but a young man, only 17. It won’t be long before the Order notices this, and he will likely receive warnings.

Alois wants to excell in his religion and in his Order. While he follows the Order almost to a tee, there are times he questions that what they are doing is for the better good of the people.

Alois Taber

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