Alleron Diruvad


Born to formerly wealthy parents who were impoverished by the Cataclysm, Alleron grew up in the village of Kelton on an island in the Umber Sea. Always astute, although prone to flights of fancy and absentmindedness, Alleron took quickly and fondly to his studies. With his head constantly in a book, his thirst for knowledge only grew; the more he learned, the more he longed to learn. It wasn’t long before the meager library of Kelton no longer held any new material for him.

Then, one day, a fateful visit from a mysterious man forever changed his life. The arch-mage Jordan Ray’an, on one of his visits to the village of Kelton, came across the young man and identified in him the spark of intelligence and potential for greatness as a wielder of magic. Alleron’s parents, always the caring type and seeing an opportunity for a better life for him, allowed him to study under the great illusionist.

Through his several years of study, Alleron quickly mastered the basic skills of magic-use and spent long hours perusing the ancient tomes in Jordan’s libraries. The wealth of knowledge contained there proved too tempting to resist.

In the area of magic, Alleron developed a deep fondness for the art of Transmutation. Feeling that Transmutation is the most powerful of the schools of magic, in that the very essence of all things could be altered to fit whatever the situation demanded, Alleron decided to specialize therein, forsaking the arts of Conjuration and Evcation to do so. After a short while, Alleron exhausted his limited supply Transmutation resources, as Jordan does not use the art and hence, the only books in the citadel were from defeated enemies and lost tomes he had salvaged. At 17, Alleron decides he has learned all that he is able from Jordan’s teaching and strikes out on his own, determined to locate and secure as many sources of lost knowledge as he can find.

Bidding Jordan goodbye and thanking him profusely for his training, Alleron and his calico familiar, Mutos, head for Harborage and the start of his search for knowledge.

Alleron Diruvad

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