Thraka Grotsblood

Uber Strong Fighter


The result of a vicious rape after an orcish attack on his hometown, Thraka’s early life was one of ridicule and humiliation. Not accepted as much as loosely tolerated, he was always the outcast. His own mother, ashamed of him, branded him with a vaguely orcish name, instead of one befitting an inhabitant of the town.

His schooling was a tense, but not unpleasant affair, as the school teacher always avoided calling him out, and the other children, half his size, just plain avoided him. Because of this early teaching, Thraka possess a glimmer of intelligence that is beyond his orcish ancestry.

Thraka, as a teenager, was put to work in the town forge, where his strength was lent to creating weaponry and armor with the town blacksmith, and more than that, where he was out of the public eye. He did this for some time, gaining skill as an armorsmith and weaponsmith, while he finished his schooling.

As a young adult, Thraka conscripted into the town’s militia. Because of his physical prowess, he excelled as a soldier and helped to protect the town on several occasions against further orcish attacks, showing no mercy for the beasts that he bore such strong resemblance to. These shows of fury and hatred for the common enemies of the town won him some affection from his fellow soldiers and he knew his first friends. Seeing that the only way to gain acceptance would be to win it in battle, Thraka struck out into the world, seeking a way to show the world that he was more than the grotesque half-orc that the world saw.

It wasn’t longer after heading into the world that Thraka met the Brimstone Heroes and joined on their quest. Not having the greatest people skills, Thraka mostly kept to himself and rarely socialized with his comrades, though his devotion to them was shown time and in again in battle.

Thraka Grotsblood

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