Blind dwarven telepath


The dwarf known as Kilbin Kedia was born not long after the dwarfs found themselves on Varis. One of the oldest Dwarven clans, the Clan Kedia made their home near the entrance of the sealed tunnel leading from the old world into the Earthspires.

Kilbin’s father, Kyriken was a highly respected craftsman in the clan while his mother Lowyns was the only sister to the Kedia Clan chief. Kilbin had the finest teachers growing up, he quickly learned not to use his lack of sight as a crutch. He being groomed to take over as clan chief one day when the old one was going to step down. While Kilbin was just about to enter manhood a group of orcs got through a break in the seal and the Kedia clan fought them off as much as they could and re-sealed the tunnel. By the time they secured the tunnel for good the remaining members of the clan were cut off from escape. They were able to fight through enough so that one person could escape and that person was Kefur. He went before the ruling clans and told them what happend. The clans flew into outrage and quickly destroyed the band of orcs. Many different clans came forward offering to adopt Kilbin into their clan so he wouldn’t be clanless.

Refusing adoption into another clan he has wandered through Varis always listening, always knowing what is going on. He has shown up many times throughout the last 200 years, always helping to foil attacks or help saving kingdoms. Many stories circle Varis about Kilbin the Clanless but no one knows if he was even alive any longer. Kilbin has always been a man who hows up and leaves without warning. He had not been seen in over 50 years. Kilbin always liked his privacy, he can travel as a poor blind beggar, getting in where nobles wouldn’t venture. Throughout his years he has built up large information networks, no one knowing who they are really working for. He only makes himself known if he has too.

In his last adventure he refered to himself as Glimmer. he met the group as he was outrunning some orc warriors led by an orc wizard. He stuck with the group, all the while sending information to the dwarven kingdom so that they wouldn’t be caught unawares.

In a desperate fight Glimmer drew attention to himself to save his friends and was captured. He was tortured, his body broken and his tongue ripped out. Once healed Glimmer channeled his rage into power and killed all the enemies that crossed his path.

After helping win the day Glimmer vanished. It is thought that he finally settled down and allowed himself some peace in his final years.


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