Elesa Luiren

Ilthar Envoy to King Jerrod


Ranger 3/Paladin 3

STR 14 DEX 18 CON 12 INT 12 WIS 15 CHA 16

HP 44

AC 18 Speed 30ft Initiative +8

BAB: +6/+1 Grapple: +8 Attack: +11/+6 +1 Short Sword 1d6+3 19-20/x2, +11 Masterwork Dagger 1d4+2 19-20/x2 (+9/+4/+9 if Two Weapon Fighting) or +11/+6 +1 Frost Shortbow 1d6+3 +1d6(cold) 20/x3

Saves: F: +10 R: +12 W: +7

Feats: Weapon Finesse, Improved Initiative, Skill focus: Diplomacy

Class Abilities: Track, Favored Enemy (Undead), Wild Empathy, Combat Style (Two Weapon Fighting), Endurance Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil 1/day, Divine Grace, Lay on Hands, Aura of Courage, Divine Health

Equipment: Mithiral Chain Shirt, +1 Short Sword, Frost Short Bow, MW Dagger.


Elesa Luiren is the young envoy who has recently been stationed in Caedwyr Town to advise King Jerrod. Before she became an envoy she was a skilled tracker of the Guardians and excelled at defending her people from the threats of the new age and as a youth she spent her time in Whitecastle as part of the Ilthar Embassy and tutored young humans.

Elesa is delicately, ethereally beautiful with long blonde hair and large brilliant blue eyes.

She is very kind and thoughtful, often anticipating the needs of others before they can even ask. She is selfless in battle, defending others before herself.

Elesa Luiren

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