Paris Helton

Owner of the Helton Inn


(Old PC in the previous Varis game, 20 years before Varis 2.0: The Broken Land)

Paris Helton was once beautiful, in fact, if you listen to her, she will tell you she was once famous for more than her beauty but her accomplishments as an adventurer and hero.

In truth, though she was an adventurer, her exploits ended shortly after they began. She was disowned by her family and sent to live at one of the worst of their chain of inns, the Helton in the slums of Whitecastle. She got in trouble with the law and joined with a group of adventurers and discovered a hidden cult and a dungeon full of captive women and girls, all with red hair. Unfortunately when they escaped the dungeon they were not able to bring the captives, none of them ever found the cult again.

After her experiences in the sewers of Whitecastle against the cult she and her companions were arrested by the Order of Illumination for her earlier troubles. After several months in jail the city was destroyed by the cataclysm and she barely managed to escape.

Now in her 40s, her blonde hair is stringy and her body wasted, she has established another Helton in the village of Harborage where she lives with her pet; an ancient, feeble dire rat named Nicole Richie. Paris claims to have owned Nicole since before the cataclysm. Those locals who care about her claims note the usual lifespan of a rat, even dire ones.

The Helton inn is not nearly the best one in Harborage but it is one of the cheapest and Paris knows to ignore her guest’s comings and goings so long as they pay for their food and stay.

  • Favorite Quote: “Saris! I forgot to feed Nicole! Give her some food!”

Paris Helton

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