A tribal human Psion.


The Midena tribe has long been wandering the eastern coast of Vashar. The plains people for the most part are a hardy people who cling to traditions; at times they cling too strongly to their beliefs. The plains people usually live in peace with various practitioners of arcane magic and various religious sects. They are completely terrified and harbor a deep hatred for psions. They believe it to be most un-natural and often believe it means the person is possessed beyond all hopes of saving. If a child of the tribe is found to exhibit these traits during puberty their parents are given two choices: exile their child or death. Since most believe that their child is being possessed by a demon outsider they opt for death to release their loved one from the grasp of the demon.

Elmet is the fourth son of Drajrad, the leader of the Midena tribe. A proud man he tries to be fair in every aspect of his life and to set a good example for his people. When his favored son Elmet suddenly starts displaying powers at the onset of manhood Drajrad is faced with a touch decision on what course to take. As a man he doesn’t really buy into the whole superstition but as a leader he also has to uphold traditions and politics. Therefore he makes the difficult decision to exile Elmet into a world he is not ready for. If a member of the tribe is exiled for showing psionic powers their eyelids are tattooed black so that every time they blink they show that their soul is black and tainted by the demon. Also each member of the Midena receives tattoos on their face for each deed they carry out, be it catch the biggest game during a hunt or so on. Elmet being a decent hunter has the hunter tattoos on both cheeks and his family tattoo on his bottom lip.

Since being exiled Elmet has tried to etch out a living on the harsh plains by himself. He’s terrified of his powers and part of him loathes them for costing him, his family and the only life he’s known. He decided to go into more developed lands after catching strange tales of people with the power over the mind. While on the road he befriends a traveler who later turned out to be Varlaria one of the most power telepaths in known history. She teaches him some control and a little bit of western style fighting with heavy armor and various weapons. After a time she tells him they have to split ways but she gives him directions on how to find her house in Brynn. Gradually he learned to come to terms with his power as he grows more and more powerful.

Not long after he split from Varlaria he met the group that would later be known as the Brimstone heroes. After going on many adventures with the group Elmet lost his life when the group were fighting a cave full of Etins. Though he wasn’t around long, he was able to feel some sense of peace before his death.


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