Templar Zurach Demonsbane

Templar of the Order


Templar Zurach is in his late thirties and is perhaps the best loved member the Order has ever had:

It was Zurach who led the expedition to destroyed city of Whitecastle after the Cataclysm that rescued hundreds of starving survivors from slavery under a tribe of vicious troglodytes.

It was Zurach who then returned to Whitecastle and led his companions through the Troglodytes and rescued powerful artifacts and relics from the Order’s hidden vaults beneath the city.

It was Zurach who became the wielder of Pelor’s gift: the Shard of the Sun and it was Zurach who defeated the evil witch Ann who plagued the village of Steepleton with a bound monster.

To the people of Caedwyr Zurach Demonsbane is a living legend and the embodiment of the righteousness of the Order and Caedwyr.

Templar Zurach Demonsbane

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