Campaign of the Month: November 2007

Varis: The Broken Land

The Beginning of the End

Aka Undead, Swamps, and Home Again

This is a compilation of the last few games… not much time to go into detail.

The group meets with the Theurgian Society and discovers the meaning of the runes on that the map they uncovered in the battle with the hobgoblins.

The three runes are ancient infernal and each represent an idea: Death, Insanity, and Dragon. A lizardfolk sage living in the sewer of Caedwyr Town informs them that the Dezrak, undead shaman of the shattered lizardfolk tribes, guards the source the enchantment in the wood along with a vampiric ally: the lizardman Malsvir.

The group goes to the Order of Illumination with the information and is subsequently equipped with anti-vampire gear.

The visit with Eileen and find her unconscious with a nasty head wound, she has no idea who attacked her but the Divining Rod she was making has disappeared.

They kill off the ghouls plaguing Harborage (risen since their last encounter with the hobgoblins) and then head off into the swamp where they narrowly avoid being eaten by a giant snake before finding the large moss-covered mound where the Dezrak is supposed to lair.

Inside they find tunnel after tunnel half-filled with water and deep pools of water leading into other, deeper, areas beneath the swamp until they find the Dezrak’s laboratory.

Cherin blows it up and the burning Dezrak, a mummified corpse with bloated, dead eyes and a fleshless face, flees. They pursue him and get attacked by zombies in a pool of water, face off against animated statues in a room tiled with draconic runes and finally advance up the stairs to a vine-wrapped stone pavilion surrounded by cypress trees and deep, murky water.

It is there they find the Dezrak (Fun-fact: the Dezrak’s true name is Azkani and lizardfolk refer to him/it as Azkani-Dezrak or Azkani Blackheart.) who calls upon unholy forces to lash out at the party and as they approach him the vines grab hold of Alois and Nuras, dragging them and slowly squeezing the life out of them while the Dezrak combats Cherin and Alleron.

Alois manages to slip from the reach of the pale gray vines and calls upon Pelor to banish the evil undead creature but he only succeeds in causing it to draw back slightly.




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