Campaign of the Month: November 2007

Varis: The Broken Land

Chapter 3: Retreat from Ceatharn

Or: Fey, Folk, and the Capital

(Note: This is a continuation of the previous game which was played over like two days… I was exhausted and had to give up the next morning.)

Cherin, Naras, and Alois barely manage to escape the collapsing catacombs (from which they valiantly ran away after the dead started rising) though falling debris struck more than one person. The group lands in a heap back outside, only an hour had passed since they had entered the decaying catacombs.

The group spoke a moment, each unsure what the ruins link to the strange aura of enchantment that shrouded the forest at night, but each of them was sure that it was in fact linked.

Then the creaking and rustling alerted them to another possible problem and out of the thick vegetation walked a massive treant. It gestured silently for them to follow and they, not really feeling threatened by the great creature, followed silently until they reached a small clearing with a clear blue pond in the center. The treant left and the pond’s surface rippled as a melodic voice spoke, “Keep your metal beyond this grove.”

Cherin, having experience with the fey, was the first to remove any metal he wore and the others quickly followed suit. From out of the pond a pale beauty rose. Her almond-shaped eyes were like liquid amber and her auburn hair shone in the light filtering through the trees.

She spoke briefly to the group, asking them to explain their presence in her woods. Then darting lights caught their attention as a swarm of tiny glowing faeries spiraled around them and one by one Cherin and Naras were lulled to sleep by the light show. Naras, left awake, turned to the nymph called Fala and she looked into his eyes and he felt wooziness flow through his veins but managed to stay awake. She approached him, touching his bare skin, and he collapsed in a heap – fast asleep.

They awoke in the clearing, their wounds healed, to find the stars twinkling overhead. Alarmed, they started up but Cherin’s magically-attuned eyes detected very few traces of the enchantment plaguing the region but a very strong radiance of abjuration. As they looked around Fala rose from the depths of her pond once more and spoke to them once more.

She told them of the three evils plaguing the land; a dragon called Omenathrax the Corruptor, a once honorable lizardfolk shaman who has become a undead monstrosity and rules the varied lizardfolk tribes in Ceatharn and the Shadow Marshes, and a creature that Fala knows only as ‘Atashetel, the Demon Made Flesh’.

A lizardfolk male named Ssurpus is brought in by the fey and he speaks of his people’s fear of their leader and of the dragon Omenathrax the Corruptor. The Dezrak was once a brave shaman named Azkani who sought a way to protect his people from the dangers of the world. He meditated alone in the forest for many years and each time returned to his people less alive. Very few lizardfolk still live free from his rule.

Of Omenathrax he can only say that she is an old evil of the wood recently returned.

After they speak Ssurpus Fala calls forth a dryad who returns the bewildered, but strangely well-rested, party to the edge of the forest and from there they return (quickly) to town where they rest until morning.

In the morning they decide to report their findings to the Order and hopefully get some guidance as to what they should do. None of them can help but feel a bit overwhelmed by the daunting task ahead of them.

The journey to Caedwyr Town took only a few days from Harborage and was completely uneventful and on the afternoon of the second day of walking they finally saw the large city of Caedwyr Town, capital of all Caedwyr sprawled out before them.



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