Campaign of the Month: November 2007

Varis: The Broken Land

Chapter 4: Caedwyr Town

The party spent several days at Alois’s family’s home, a large manor house on the north-eastern side of town. They met Alois’s father, a man named Bastion, who seemed rather quiet and morose and Alois’s older sister Adelaide, a blonde beauty with whom Alois seems to have a strained relationship. During their time in Caedwyr Town the group split up, each doing their own thing and learning more about Caedwyr.

Alois: Alois reported to his superior, Templar Evander, after coming home to the capital. Templar Evander brought him before the Council of Light, led by the High Templar himself, to make a full report on his discoveries in Harborage. He told them everything that happened, including the magical abilities of Cherin and Alleron. After some deliberation the Council asked him to see to other problems in the kingdom. Specifically they wanted him to stop the bandits plaguing the village of Steepleton and teach the community to protect itself.

Alois met with Templar Evander alone several days later and the Templar told him grave news; a hero of the Order had disappeared while fighting the bandits. Templar Evander warned Alois to be careful because the bandits were holed up in Ann’s Wood: a forest haunted by the vengeful spirit of a witch. Evander believed the bandits had some how managed to keep the ghost at bay and, to inspire Alois, told him of Zurach’s exploits and told him to trust in himself and to never give in to fear or sorrow.

Nuras: During the Highsummer Festival Nuras met a young man named Balder Hasch and together with his newfound human friend he found a mentor in the sturdy Breza Stouthearth who showed him some of the basics of dwarven fighting and he spent the time in Caedwyr sparring with her and Balder and practicing his skills.

Cherin: Cherin and Nuras explored the Highsummer Festival, finding a Trader camp in the heart of the city and being accousted by a perverted trader man named Amen whose dishonorable actions forced his own people to subdue him. For their silence Cherin and Nuras were gifted very special garments: robes made of specially treated and prepared spun glass the Traders referred to as “Sandsilk”.

Later that day the two split up and Cherin ran into a fellow student of Jin, a woman named Cecilie, and the two spent several hours talking and getting to know one another. Afterwards Cherin sought out the elven envoy to Caedwyr Elesa Luiren and found her in a peaceful park nearby the Highsummer Festivities. A young man with auburn hair was with her, he turned out to be the Crown Prince of Caedwyr: Rhys Williamson. Cherin spent some time speaking with Elesa and Rhys about his concerns regarding the Order’s intentions towards Ceatharn Forest. Elesa agreed to meet with the Order’s leaders and Rhys asked Cherin to visit him once he returned from Steepleton.

As the trio was leaving the capital they were stopped (rather brutishly) by the Trader woman who had given Nuras and Cherin their sandsilk. She accused them of betraying her and breaking their word by telling “someone” where the dishonored trader Amen was. Amen was taken by a group of armed men, the Traders could only watch. After rebuking the woman, Saere, and causing her to see her error they continued on along the road towards Steepleton.



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